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 This is a brief guide into developing hip hop beats with best musical software available. The sequencer consists of sixteen tracks on which sound can be placed on. All the tracks are secluded from each other. On one track, one sound is placed.

 For instance, the drums are placed on track one, snare drum is placed on track two and high hat on track three. All the tracks have a fader, which can be adjusted for volume control. There is a master fader available for controlling the volume of entire mix. A panning knob is provided for moving the sound on left and right.

 Panning provides balance as each instrument is distinct from the mix and stands out.

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 The mater fader clips when all sounds mix up and eventually distort. The resultant sound is unclear and cloudy.

Developing hip hop beats like a professional

 For becoming a master at developing beats, develop and change the hip hop beats from time to time. Experiments with sounds and observe how instruments work.

 Select a genre and stick with it for a while to gain mastery over it. The beat maker can be used for variety of different genres.

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There are a variety of genres and some are mentioned below:

� Trance

� Techno

� Jungle

� Jazz

� Hip hop

� Rap

� Dance

� Club mix

 With a beat maker, the sky is the limit and options are unlimited.

Making the hip hop beats hotter

 The hip hop beats can be made sizzling and desirable by creating mixes. With all the elements in place, a sweet sound can be rendered. It is quite another task to accomplish a clear sound with all the instruments used simultaneously.

Cheap hip hop beats

 There is no need of buying hip hop beats online when these softwares are available. However, the hip hop beats are available online at a price. Certain musical instruments operate in a similar frequency range. Some EQ is needed to be given for avoiding that. They can be given a boost at some frequencies and subtractive EQ can be used as well. This can fix most issues. The sounds in the similar frequency can be panned in various places.

Beat productions: Simple yet powerful

 There is no experience whatsoever required for generating hip hop beats. The beginners can employ the usage of top of line beat making softwares along with fruitful results. Keyboards are also optional and so are the midi controllers and samplers.

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 The dub turbo program is a simple yet powerful program, which can deliver stellar results. It is user friendly software and beginners employ it usually. It has all the video tutorials and text tutorials to indulge right in the development of hip hop beats. It is the one stop software for producing quality beats.

 The dub turbo software is the pen ultimate beginner�s software which is a gateway to producing quality and yet effective hip hop beats.

 It has numerous add-ons and plugins to keep the novice hip hop artist busy. It is available on internet for download.

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